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Antique Hardwood Flooring 101

Of all of the hardwood flooring options you have, one of the most unique is that of antique hardwood flooring. Antique flooring is created from various pieces that have been saved and restored from previous builds, and together they create[...]

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Hardwood, Vinyl or Carpet?

A quick comparison helps sort through cost, durability and function Today’s homeowner has never had so many wonderful choices for quality flooring. From exotic hardwoods, to high-fashion vinyls, to carpet piles of every description, the choices can be overwhelming. The[...]

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Top 6 Movies Starring Carpet

Don’t laugh – rugs play more than a supporting role in movies If Hollywood plots are any indication, what lies underfoot can turn into a major plot element. In fact, the use of carpets and rugs in movies from comedies[...]

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How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet [Infographic]

Carpet Cleaning 101 Owning light colored carpet has a double edge – it’s beautiful and fresh, but even the most stain conscious homeowner could easily blow it with one poorly placed glass of red wine. And with children or pets,[...]

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History of Carpet

While wall-to-wall carpeting may be a relatively recent concept, rugs have been in existence for centuries. While the exact date of origin of carpet is not known, the earliest surviving carpet is the Pazyryk carpet. Discovered in the 1920s during[...]

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