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The Pros and Cons of Floor Tile.

Floor Tile Pros and Cons: Choose the Right Type for the Right Room Floor tile can completely change the look and feel of a room with the character and charm they create. And these days, it’s possible to find the[...]

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Stop Steam Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

With widespread distribution of steam cleaners on the market, more and more people are taking the seemingly easy route of cleaning their hardwood floor with such cleaning tools. Science class and experience should have told us but many people aren’t[...]

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Are you doing more harm than good when you clean your floors?

If you’re using the wrong products you may be. Mass-marketed products like Swiffer, actually work against you by leaving an oily residue that builds up on your hardwood floors and also attracts dirt, dust and floor-scratching grit. We recommend using[...]

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