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How humidity can be your floor’s best friend . . .and worst enemy

Controlling your home’s environment is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful. What do we mean by environment? The temperature and humidity level of your home. Environment is important because wood is[...]

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Dust Free Sanding & Refinishing

Don’t wait until your floors are completely worn-out and damaged when sanding and refinishing is your only alternative to get your floors looking new again. Call ProSand for a free evaluation about our buff and re-coat maintenance system. This is[...]

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Wood Flooring Moisture

With winter upon us, brings a change of climate inside as well as outside of your home. The humidity in your home drops from 70% to a dry 20% in most homes during the winter months. This is due to[...]

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Wood Flooring Tips & Maintenance

November 2010 Your hardwood floor cleaning schedule will depend on what type of flooring you have, whether it is factory finished or site finished is important to know for proper cleaning. For instance it is difficult to clean a wax[...]

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Pet Tips – Preventing Scratches To Your Hardwoods

October 2010 Pet’s owner’s know how difficult it can be on hardwood floors. There are a few tips to help prevent damage to your hardwood floors. The first and most difficult to implement is to place booties on your pets[...]

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Removing Carpet Stains & Preventive Care

September 2010 1. Keep your carpet clean. Sand and dirt act little razor blades that cut carpet fibers. Damaged carpet stains more easily, and it’s harder to remove the stains from it as well. Vacuum often to remove dirt, and[...]

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Sunlight Damage on Hardwood Floors

August 2010 ProSand receives’ numerous calls every week from customers concerning sunlight damage. Discoloration to hardwood floors are a common problem with large window openings. Customers generally notice discoloration when a rug or large piece of furniture is moved. Yellowing[...]

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Stop Steam Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

With widespread distribution of steam cleaners on the market, more and more people are taking the seemingly easy route of cleaning their hardwood floor with such cleaning tools. Science class and experience should have told us but many people aren’t[...]

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Protecting Your Floors

First Step in Hardwood Floor Protection Protection is the key to keeping your wood floors looking beautiful. And it’s easy to do! Protect your floors from objects resting directly on them; things like chairs, bar stools, and tables. We recommend[...]

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Protecting Your Floors – Part 2

Hardwood Floor Care Don’t Use Oil Soaps – There are many over the counter oil-based soaps that can damage or dull the finish of your hardwood floor. The best suggestion is to only use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products on[...]

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