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Bona Recoat Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The Bona Recoat System

Since 1919, Bona has been providing superior floor care and offering various products that include floor polishes, mop oils, dry floor cleaners and waxing equipment. Today, Bona is an industry leader whose products are highly regarded.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors with Bona Recoat

Hardwood floor cleaning takes some extra effort, as the finish on hardwood floors gets removed over time by the friction caused by daily foot traffic. This wear and tear eventually exposes the bare wood and results in the need for the wood to be refinished, or worse, permanent damage.

Here’s where the Bona Recoat System can make a huge difference. This system is the first and only guaranteed recoat system in the industry. Its process safely removes all contaminants from the hardwood floor and prepares it for optimal adhesion of a new coat of finish.

The Bona Recoat System is safe for all types of hardwood floors, including prefinished ones. It preserves your floor’s finish and prolongs the life of your hardwood floors by:

  • Removing contaminants from your floor
  • Filling in surface scratches
  • Restoring the floor’s sheen and luster
  • Maintaining and building a protective layer


Just Three Steps

The Bona Recoat System is surprisingly convenient, requiring only three simple steps:

1) Remove

Bona Remover Solution breaks up and removes contaminants to prepare for hardwood floor cleaning.

2) Rinse

Bona Rinse Solution is designed to take off the remover solution from the floor and prepare them for a new coat of finish.

3) Refortify

Once all contaminants have been removed, the hardwood floor is ready to be refortified with a new coat of Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD, two of the most durable finishes in the market.

Using the Bona Recoat System for hardwood floor cleaning is a smart way to protect your investment in your hardwood floors and maintain their beauty and durability.

For additional information about using the Bona Recoat System for hardwood floor cleaning, contact ProSand for a free consultation.

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