American Cherry Strip Floors

Feb 8, 2010 | Blog, By Carl Padro, Testimonials

The job consisted of almost 800 sq. ft. of American Cherry. I was told that the project would only take two days and that we would be able to return to our house by 10 P.M. the second day. The first time the job was done there were many areas in which the sand marks showed and the final clear coat soaked through creating blotchy areas. With no questions ProSand said they would return and apply another coat and take care of the sand marks, they did. This time however the final coat bubbled up all over the floor and was very rough because of all the debris in the finish again ProSand said they would take care of it. The owner Carl came out, looked at the work and agreed it was unacceptable then stated that they would have to TO COMPLETELY SAND THE FLOOR AGAIN AND RE-COAT THE FLOOR. They did and this time it looked wonderful. What was suppose to take 2 days took 7 and if you have this done plan on at lest one day to sand one day to finish and a day for the smell to leave the house. Overall The job turned out very nice and would the guy doing the work had took a little more time to start with and did it the way it should have been done it would have been a very good experience!

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