Flooring and Carpet for Carmel, Indiana

The Best Hardwood Flooring and Carpet for Carmel, Indiana

Carmel homeowners take pride in their homes, and when it comes to flooring choices, Carmel residents turn to ProSand Flooring.

We offer a wide variety of choices to suit every type of flooring need.

Whether you are installing new hardwood floors or fresh carpeting, we have an excellent selection and the best industry knowledge in the field.

We can create a customized solution that fits your personal preference and lifestyle, giving your home added value.

Hardwood Floors

More homeowners than ever are opting for hardwood floors. No matter what type of wood you choose, hardwoods will instantly improve a room’s appearance. The value added to your home also makes it a wise investment. ProSand Flooring will not only install your hardwood flooring, but also help you maintain its good looks. If you have existing hardwoods, we can refinish scuffed, scarred hardwood flooring surfaces to make them look brand new.
  • Types of Hardwood Flooring

    We offer a variety of hardwood flooring types, from light-colored oaks to deep, rich maples. You can choose from solid hardwood, engineered wood, pre-finished or unfinished wood, and various shine levels. Whatever look you want, our team can help you achieve it.


Good carpet is the preferred way to soften a room. We have the latest styles in carpeting and can work with you to find the perfect style to fit the precise style of your room. We have carpet made from all of the most popular materials, including high-quality stain-resistant carpets like wool.
  • Carpet Installation Guarantee

    Once you select the right carpet for your home, we install it well to ensure lasting performance. Our team’s work ensures carpet cannot become dislodged over time while also protecting baseboards, doors, and furniture. Once installed, we will come to your home throughout the carpet’s life to remove any wrinkles, gathers, or gaps that can arise over time.

When Carmel residents want new hardwood floors or carpet, ProSand Flooring has the experience and selection you want. When combined with our commitment to personalized customer service, you can count on ProSand Flooring to deliver. Contact us today for a free consultation.