Stand Apart Service

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. We’ve paid attention to the things that matter most to our customers and continue to add new services, conveniences and follow-ups to stand apart in the way we treat you and your home.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

We’re starting with one of the biggest ways we work to earn our customers’ continued trust and that is a lifetime installation warranty on every floor we install.

This includes a lifetime stretch warranty for every carpet installation, a no-cost guarantee to remove any bumps, gaps or ripples for the life of your carpet.

Lifetime Finish Warranty

A beautiful floor is a terrible thing to waste, which is why the finish is so important. ProSand uses a two-part finishing system that is actually 3-4 times harder than polyurethane and dries in a fraction of the time.

Our oil-based finish is rated for commercial use, which means that the same quality finish that’s used in high-traffic sports facilities or museums is used in your home. We also guarantee the finish for life.

99% Dustless Sanding

We knew our customers valued their space and time and that every day they were unable to function normally in their homes was a disruption to their lives. Dust clean up was a nuisance that lasted far longer than the actual hardwood refinishing process and could cause issues with allergies or breathing problems.

That’s when we invested in state-of-the-art dust-free equipment and training. Our floor sanding equipment is fitted with industrial-grade HEPA filters and vacuums to suction and remove dust as it is created. This means virtually zero debris and breathable dust in your air and ventilation system.


Painting and Staining

We have a professional painting crew that can follow our jobs with touch-ups and/or complete painting of your trim, shoe mold and baseboards upon request.

Respect for Your Schedule and Home

A schedule will be given to you before your job begins. And because we know that floor installation and finishing means a disruption to your daily life, our install team takes the schedule seriously and will work hard to stay true to our timeframe.

We also treat your home with the same care. Planks and tiles will be measured indoors but taken outside for cutting, something our homeowners really appreciate. And your crew will straighten up every day before they leave.

Every install project is followed by a walk through and thorough wipe down to ensure it’s clean, even in hard to reach places.

A Care Package

We leave every homeowner with some essentials at the end of the project, including adhesive furniture pads, stain pens for touch-ups and Bona cleaning products for solid and engineered hardwoods. We’ll also advise you on recommended cleaning products for every flooring type and leave you with cleaning instructions.

We want this to be one of the best home-improvement experiences you’ve ever had. How can we help you?