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Feb 22, 2011 | Blog, By Carl Padro, Hardwood

A good client of ProSand Floors contacted Rick our project manager concerning a maintenance system ProSand provides, our client had installed a Brazilian Cherry floor eight years ago and asked ProSand to inspect its condition to see if it needed another coat to revitalize the shine and add protection from wear. Since ProSand originally installed the floor we had a good idea of clients needs. The family entertained frequently and had a eat in kitchen that supported a family of six.

Upon inspection it was clear that the main kitchen were the bar stools consistently scooted back and forth as well as back hall by the garage entry. The client and our inspector agreed a maintenance coat was required to bring back consistency to the shine and repair wear in problem areas.

Several day’s later we returned to start the buff and re-coat procedure. At 8 A.M. the dust free vacuum system was engaged and buffing began with a 150 grit screen, the light abrasive pad was not overly aggressive so to damage existing finish but intense enough to smooth clean areas removing the scuffs and light scratches as well as dirt and most foreign properties that had stuck to the floor from 8 years of heavy us. After buffing was completed the floor techs got on the floor with their hands and knee’s and hand buffed and cleaned areas that the buffer could not reach. A back pack vacuum was then used to clean and track floors along with a finish inspection to insure the floor was ready to be re-coated.

The final step started by applying a heavy coat of finish with a roller to insure self leveling and good coverage for added protection. The floors were then left to dry for 24 hours and furniture was returned to their original locations after an additional 24 hours.

All chairs and furniture were inspected to make sure their feet were fully protected and to insure scratches or premature wear were safely addressed. A water base cleaner was left with client to insure no build up from oil wax or silicone after cleaning. Water base cleaners are the most effective product on the market to day for new floors.

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