Carpeting vs. Hardwood: Which is Better?

Sep 13, 2016 | Blog, By ProSand Flooring

Look at any recent home design magazine, and you’ll likely see many photos of homes with hardwood floors. Hardwoods accommodate a variety of design styles – from rustic country to Danish modern – but carpet can offers the same versatility. It depends upon your preference and concerns.

Following are a few reasons to consider carpet and hardwoods for your home.

Warmth and insulation

In older homes with hardwood floors, gaps between the boards allow cold air to seep in during the winter. These gaps can be repaired with filler, which then needs to be sanded and sealed. Also, hardwood floors are ideal when you want to maintain the aesthetic of an older home. However, if you are concerned about drafts, you could make your home warmer by installing carpet.

Sound dampening

Some homeowners prefer a mix of hardwood floors and carpeting. Carpet absorbs sound, so that’s why it’s often used in bedrooms, even when other surfaces in the home are hardwood. If you have high ceilings, carpet can make your home feel cozier, by improving the acoustics.

Small children

Toddlers – as the name implies – tend to fall over unexpectedly. A softer surface can take the sting out of falling, and for children who haven’t yet mastered the art of walking, carpet offers comfort when crawling. Even though kids are notoriously tough on carpeting, spilling drinks occasionally and tracking dirt through the house, a low-nap carpet treated with stain-fighters can preserve the beauty of your investment.


When dealing with allergies, hardwood floors are considered preferable, especially because allergens like dust mites can get trapped in carpet. Studies show that airborne particle levels are higher in carpeted room compared to rooms without carpet, according to That’s why it’s important to regularly clean carpet to minimize allergies. Also, hardwood is considered a more environmentally friendly flooring when it’s sustainably grown and harvested.

Ease of care

Any flooring material requires regular maintenance. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and deep-cleaned once per year. Some wood floors require everyday sweeping, along with regular mopping and waxing. Wood floors should be refinished about every 10 years.

Get advice

If you’re not quite sure whether carpeting or hardwood flooring is best for your home, talk to a company that has experience installing both. A professional opinion can help you decide which flooring would work well in your home, as well as show you examples of the variety of options available to you.

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