How humidity can be your floor’s best friend . . .and worst enemy

Controlling your home’s environment is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful. What do we mean by environment? The temperature and humidity level of your home.

Environment is important because wood is a living, breathing product. In the summer and warmer months it absorbs humidity and naturally expands; in the winter and cooler months it dries out and naturally contracts. Too much of either leads to cracks and creaks, two things you don’t want to see or hear.

Keep your home’s humidity level and temperature at a constant level – we recommend 40 percent humidity and 72 degrees — year round, using air conditioning, a humidifier and dehumidifier. You’ll see and hear the beautiful difference for years to come.

About the Author

Carl Padron

Carl is the guy to ask when it comes to flooring. He started in hardwood refinishing 30-plus years ago, earned his stripes and used what he’d learned to become an expert on hardwood refinishing, solid and engineered hardwood installation, carpet, ceramic tile, laminate and vinyl flooring installation. You’ll find his work in universities, hospitals, professional sports venues, state museums and theaters, pubs, and of course, homes throughout the state.

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