Pet Tips – Preventing Scratches To Your Hardwoods

Sep 29, 2010 | Blog, By Carl Padro, Tips

October 2010

Pet’s owner’s know how difficult it can be on hardwood floors. There are a few tips to help prevent damage to your hardwood floors. The first and most difficult to implement is to place booties on your pets feet.

Although many people complain that their pets usually pull them off right away, this can help. If your lucky enough to have a pet that it doesn’t bother them, then having booties on all the time will prevent wood flooring damage. You can find these booties and pet sock’s at your local pet supply store.

Another option is nail covering’s. Most pets are less annoyed by these and it can be very effective when trying to prevent flooring damage. But the overall best solution is to keep your pets nails trimmed and buffed as often as possible, even the little pets.

Although bigger dog’s do more damage, the little dog’s can damage your wood floors also. Another great preventive measure is to place rug’s down near door opening’s; especially in winter and put rubber mat’s under their food and water bowls.

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