Protecting Your Floors

First Step in Hardwood Floor Protection

Protection is the key to keeping your wood floors looking beautiful. And it’s easy to do! Protect your floors from objects resting directly on them; things like chairs, bar stools, and tables. We recommend using felt or leather protectors on the bottom of furniture or any item that rests directly on the floor. It’s important to maintain and replace the protectors as they wear.

Splatter areas in the kitchen near the stove and sink, entryways from the outside and entryways to wet or dirty areas, such as a garage, pool or patio, need protection too. Rugs are an easy answer. Make sure when you vacuum the rugs to vacuum underneath as well to remove any grit or dirt that could scratch the floor.

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Carl Padron

Carl is the guy to ask when it comes to flooring. He started in hardwood refinishing 30-plus years ago, earned his stripes and used what he’d learned to become an expert on hardwood refinishing, solid and engineered hardwood installation, carpet, ceramic tile, laminate and vinyl flooring installation. You’ll find his work in universities, hospitals, professional sports venues, state museums and theaters, pubs, and of course, homes throughout the state.

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