Top 6 Movies Starring Carpet

Jan 19, 2016 | Blog, By ProSand Flooring, Carpet

Don’t laugh – rugs play more than a supporting role in movies

If Hollywood plots are any indication, what lies underfoot can turn into a major plot element. In fact, the use of carpets and rugs in movies from comedies to thrillers can be considered a bit of plot trope. Hiding in a carpet, riding on a carpet…even destroying the carpet are common plot twists that add a little thrill to the movies. Here are our picks for carpets that should get a “best supporting role” nod:

#6 – The Big Lebowski

The ever-quotable “Big Lebowski” had a particularly fond relationship to his rug, which has spawned no end to the line killing quoters who love to say “not on the rug, man,” and “that rug really tied the room together.” It’s even spawned tons of Big Lebowski merchandise related to rugs.

#5 – The Revenge of the Bridesmaids

OK, so maybe it isn’t big budget movie territory, but we love the role played by the rug in “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” – a movie recently made for ABC Family and now available on Netflix. The Bridesmaids roll up their lying, cheating bridezilla in a rug and run off with her to keep her from marrying their friend’s boyfriend. They smuggle her out under the ruse of being there as rug cleaners. A perfect cover!

#4 – The Money Pit

Poor Tom Hanks. He can’t seem to get a break as the dream house he buys with Shelley Long seems to be crumbling all around him. Thankfully, the oriental rug is still doing its job. It keeps him from major injury when he stands over a hole in the floor. Who knew a rug could save you from a broken leg?

#3 – Christmas Vacation

Silly kitty. Christmas lights are not food. Who doesn’t love the fried cat scene in “Christmas Vacation?” In fact, people love it so much; this scene has even inspired their homemade Christmas cakes. It doesn’t look too appetizing to us, but, to each his own. But don’t fret, Griswolds. Stanley Steemer can probably get that charred kitty smell out of the house. Maybe. It certainly is a cautionary tale, and a good reason for getting Scotchguard on your new carpet!

#2 – Aladdin

Let’s just call this one…no carpet in the history of film and literature can top the magic carpet in Aladdin. It flies. It dances. It pals around with the genie. It gets Aladdin out of sticky situations. It helps him helps him get the girl. And it is the inspiration for that sixties classic “Magic Carpet Ride.” It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We can’t always promise that the carpet we sell will have magical properties. But we can promise you a great quality product, at a great price, that will stand the test of time. Maybe it will even star in your family’s own production…

#1 – Cleopatra

This iconic movie from the 1960s had one of the most iconic romantic scenes ever starring a carpet. Cleopatra has herself rolled up in a rug so she can secretly visit Caesar. It was, perhaps, one of Elizabeth Taylor’s best red carpet moments…

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