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There’s nothing like the feeling of closing on a new home. To get the best deal possible, however, sometimes homeowners compromise on a few things with plans to fix them at some point.

When one of those things is a home’s flooring, a homeowner usually seeks to find the best deal possible. ProSand Flooring works with homeowners throughout the Indianapolis area to provide hardwood and carpeting for every area of a home. Whether you are preparing to sell, have lived in your home for a while, or have just purchased a house, we can recommend the perfect solution to make your home look its best.


Berber tufts are looped and aligned in rows (sometimes loosely, sometimes more tightly) for a clean, uniform look.


Low, plush lookalike is variegated or speckled for a multi-colored overall appearance.


Very tightly twisted tufts and wears extremely well. A casual, popular choice for heavy traffic areas that reduces footprint and vacuum marks.


A cut pile carpet with a relatively dense, erect configuration. Well-defined individual tuft tips work well in traditional interiors.

New Installations

If you want to completely replace the flooring in your home, ProSand Flooring offers some of the best carpet and hardwood flooring types available.We can recommend the perfect flooring option to match the décor in a room or help you match the vision you have for a specific room.

We carry oak, cherry, and maple hardwoods, as well as options like engineered hardwoods to save money. Our carpeting includes Berber, Frieze, Saxony, and many more.

Once you select the perfect flooring for your new home, our talented installation team will handle removing old flooring and replacing it.

We sell pre-finished hardwood and unfinished hardwood, with our team finishing the flooring once we’ve installed it in a home.

Each of our site finishes comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure you get the longest life possible out of your flooring.

New Flooring Options

If you purchase a house with aging hardwood flooring, ProSand Flooring can provide onsite finishing services. We’ll bring hardwood floors back to their original beauty to provide many years of attractive wear. We can also restore and repair flooring that has suffered damage, whether from years of use or exposure to elements like water.

In addition to our hardwood services, ProSand Flooring can also perform basic repair on carpeting. We can stretch a carpet to remove the gathers and gaps that can build up over time. For new carpet installations, we offer a lifetime stretch warranty to keep your new flooring looking great.

With a commitment to quality customer service, ProSand Flooring is a top choice for Indianapolis’s new home buyers. We provide free consultations and can work with any budget to recommend a flooring option that will provide the perfect look at affordable prices.

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Oak Honey

Oak Natural

Tigerwood Natural

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