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Great Flooring Options to Help Realtors Move Houses

looring plays an important role in selling a house. Homebuyers usually browse pictures of listed properties online before even asking to see a house in person.
If flooring is outdated or in bad condition, a customer is likely to move onto the next listing without ever giving the home a chance.

ProSand Flooring regularly works with real estate agents to get homes ready to sell.

In some cases, flooring needs to be completely replaced with updated versions but in many others, we can repair or refinish flooring to make it look like new.

We’ll work directly with an agent to recommend the best course of action for a specific home.

Carpet Styles


Berber tufts are looped and aligned in rows (sometimes loosely, sometimes more tightly) for a clean, uniform look.


Low, plush lookalike is variegated or speckled for a multi-colored overall appearance.


Very tightly twisted tufts and wears extremely well. A casual, popular choice for heavy traffic areas that reduces footprint and vacuum marks.


A cut pile carpet with a relatively dense, erect configuration. Well-defined individual tuft tips work well in traditional interiors.


A mixture of high and low pile fibers arranged in a certain configuration or design. The tall fiber loops are cut while the shorter pieces remain looped.


Still the most popular carpet style in homes today, plush is normally one solid color and has a smooth, even pile height.


A favorite of designers, makeover shows and do-it-yourselfers, carpet tiles offer modular design, flexibility and practicality.


Often features more than one color and varying tuft heights, reducing footprint and vacuum marks.

New Flooring Options

From carpets to hardwoods, ProSand Flooring has an option that can work with a seller’s budget.

Most often, home sellers opt for hardwood flooring, since there are affordable options that can still add to the visual appeal of a home.

We can recommend less expensive types of wood or engineered hardwood flooring to give a room a winning look without major expense.

If you prefer carpeting for some or all of a home’s rooms, we can recommend the perfect options for that, as well.

Some carpets are better suited to heavily-trafficked areas like bonus rooms and dens.

We can recommend a carpet that will make a great first impression while also lasting for many years.

Oak Cocoa

Oak Honey

Oak Natural

Tigerwood Natural

Oak Chestnut

Carmel Oak

Oak Cognac

Brazilian Cherry

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