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Intro to Hardwood Flooring Terminology

Hardwood floors vary considerably, when it comes to price, style, color, maintenance and other factors. When you understand the terminology associated with flooring, you may have an easier time with the decision-making process. Following are some terms you’re likely to[...]

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Laminate, Engineered or Hardwood: Which Floor is Best for You?

When you’re considering a new wood floor for your home, you’re likely to encounter a seemingly endless array of options. Classic hardwoods like Cherry and Maple now have competition from engineered wood floors that look like solid hardwoods, and laminates[...]

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Remodeling the Bathroom? Consider Radiant Heating

If you’re planning to remodel the master bathroom, your plans probably include new flooring. So if you’re going to rip out the existing floor anyway, consider adding a radiant heating system that will keep your feet warm, even on the[...]

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Simple Tips to Prevent Damage to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and usually fairly easy to maintain. But they’re not invincible. If you love your hardwood floors — and want to protect your investment, keep them looking their best by incorporating the following tips as part[...]

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Is Hardwood Right For Your Kitchen?

Apparently, our love affair with hardwood floors isn’t letting up. Nearly 90 percent of hardwood floor manufacturers reported that their sales of hardwood flooring was were up — either dramatically or somewhat in 2014, according to a recent study. So,[...]

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Tips for Selling Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, 2016 may be the year to do that – home prices are expected to increase by around 4 or 5 percent, and demand for housing is on the rise, too. But before[...]

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Time to Buy New Flooring? Or Just Restretch the Carpet?

There comes a time when things around the house look a little, well, you know … blah. You can make things look fresh again any number of ways. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. It’s a low-budget way[...]

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How to Cope with Housetraining and Unsightly Carpet Stains

Dog owners all share something in common, whether they have a terrier, Lab, German Shepherd, or a bulldog. Somewhere along the journey of pet ownership, you’ll come across the unsightly evidence of an accident. It doesn’t matter if you have[...]

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How To Pick The Right Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Whether you’re renovating your home for a resale or simply to make your home more enjoyable for you and your family, flooring is one of the most significant changes worthy of your investment. The right hardwood, among the most popular[...]

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How to Care for Your Hardwood Floor Investment

How To Take Care of Your Hardwood Floors Alright, so you invested your money into some new hardwood floors. The color is beautiful and will add a lot of value to your house if you ever decide to sell. Now[...]

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