Shaw Carpet Colors

Shaw Offers Right Carpet Color for You

Shaw carpets are available in thousands of colors and styles. With so many beautiful colors and textures to choose from, there’s sure to be a Shaw carpet color that perfectly complements the design scheme in any room of your home.

Design of Shaw Carpet Colors

Shaw has a skilled and knowledgeable team that focuses on carpet colors, styles and designs, ensuring Shaw carpet colors reflect the colors that are most influential in our everyday lives. Inspiration is taken from the worlds of fashion, interior design and even international culture.

Caress by Shaw is a carpet line offering a large selection of styles with 50 colors inspired by nature’s color palette. These carpets provide luxury and are influenced by the softest natural fibers around the world.

Selection of Shaw Carpet Colors

Carpet colors play a significant role in creating the atmosphere of a room. Shaw’s Tyrian Purple and Black Knight are dark and rich, bringing a cozy feel to a room. Brighter tones, like Shaw’s Pristine Ivory and Glen Green, usually have the opposite effect, making a room appear more open.Colors for Shaw carpet are available in a wide array of choices, from neutral tones to bolder ones. Whatever look and feel you want to achieve, Shaw is sure to have a carpet color that can help create it.

To get a true feel for the variety of colors available, and the impact they have, you’ll want to see them in person. ProSand is a Shaw Retailer and our professionals can help you determine which Shaw carpet colors are best for you and your home. Contact ProSand today for a free consultation!

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