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Reviews for Shaw Carpet

Shaw Carpet has a large selection of carpet styles for both commercial and residential use

Shaw Industries Carpet was established in 1946 as Star Dye Company and is now one of the leading carpet manufacturers in the world. There have been many positive Shaw carpet reviews, largely a result of Shaw being highly regarded for product quality, durability and value.

Shaw Carpet has a large selection of carpet styles for both commercial and residential use. Reviews vary based on carpet type and style. Below we’ve provided a summary of Shaw carpet reviews for three of their most well- known carpet brands.

Philadelphia Reviews

Philadelphia carpet is Shaw’s oldest carpet line and is a popular Shaw brand. In Shaw carpet reviews, many consumers have reported overall satisfaction with Philadelphia carpets, giving them an especially high rating for doing well with stains.

EverTouch Reviews

EverTouch carpets are crafted with fine-denier filaments. The smaller denier provides a soft touch, while advanced yarn engineering enables high durability.

In Shaw carpet reviews, EverTouch carpets have been said to be strong enough for any room in the home. In tests, EverTouch carpet styles have performed as well as, or better than, comparable carpets made with traditional nylon fiber systems.

Shaw Caress Reviews

Caress by Shaw is a Shaw carpet line with a proven track record for softness, luxuriousness and durability. The design and aesthetics of these carpets are inspired by nature. Many Shaw Caress reviews describe the stunningly beautiful and inspirational colors, as well as the amazingly soft textures.

These carpets include a 5-year limited texture retention warranty, which addressed the overall appearance of the carpet. The Shaw reputation, on top of this warranty, gives this line a lot of credibility, which has resulted in many positive reviews.

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