Ceramic Tile Installation in Indianapolis

Install Ceramic Tile in your Indianapolis Home

Steps to Install your New Ceramic Tile

Tile craftsmen would say that ceramic tile installation is as much an art as it is a science.

Professionals pay attention to the painstaking details of preparation, structural anomalies that can frustrate the most well-intentioned do-it-yourselfer and the tools to do the job right the first time.

Each project is unique, but every ProSand install includes critical expertise to ensure a structurally sound and beautifully finished project.

Studies show that tile installations can last a customer’s lifetime, so good craftsmanship can mean the difference between a lifetime of style, durability and beauty and a project that is inferior or must be replaced.

Every ProSand installation has a lifetime guarantee.


The time for ceramic tile installation can vary based on the size of your space, the type of original flooring or wallcovering being removed, the condition of the substrate (i.e. current floor or surface) and the time your mortar and grout take to cure (normally 12-24 hours each).

A schedule will be given to you before your job begins.

And because we know that tile work means a disruption to your daily life, our install team takes the schedule seriously and will work hard to stay true to our time frame.


Not only do we take schedules seriously, we treat your home the same way.

Tiles will be measured indoors but taken outside for cutting, something that our homeowners really appreciate.

And your crew will straighten up every day before they leave.

Plus, every install project is followed by a walk-through and thorough wipe down to ensure it’s clean, even in hard to reach places. We leave every homeowner with some essentials at the end of a project, including cleaning instructions and any manufacturer recommended cleaning products.

You’ll find this attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Ceramic Tile