Indianapolis Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Commercial Hardwood Flooring in Indianapolis

Hardwood flooring is an investment in beauty and style that lasts. Studies show that hardwood adds value to a space, but the real value comes in the environment it creates for your employees, customers and visitors every day.

As more and more conversation happens around indoor air quality, hardwoods come out the clear winner.

Especially for the 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies. Many carpets emit small levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), especially within the first 72 hours of installation, and they can trap some of the biggest allergy offenders including dust and mold.

According to the EPA, hardwoods also greatly reduce the accumulation of pesticides we track indoors.

ProSand carries the highest quality hardwood selection available, including solid hardwood, popular engineered wood, every available wood species, styles pre-finished in the factory or unfinished styles we stain and finish onsite.

Let’s start big and narrow things down.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood

Solid hardwood is milled from 100% solid wood. Hardwood flooring, just like any hardwood, expands and contracts with seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

These changes can be accommodated by leaving an expansion gap between the edge of the floor and the wall at installation. This space is hidden by base molding or quarter round. All varieties of solid hardwood can be resanded and refinished.

Engineered wood is also 100% wood, but rather than one solid piece of wood, three to five layers of solid hardwood are permanently bonded together in a cross-ply construction. The fused layers provide more dimensional stability, meaning engineered wood is less prone to expand, contract, crack or split with humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Its cross-ply construction also allows for installation above and below grade, including over concrete. Some engineered woods can be lightly resanded and refinished, but this depends on the thickness.

Wood Species

Each wood species—there are more than 50 available—has unique natural characteristics like varying wood grain patterns, knots, streaks, wormholes and color variations. They are also rated by level of hardness or durability using the Janka Rating System, a chart that ranks wood species from hardest to softest.

We offer favorites, including oak, maple hickory, walnut, pine, Brazilian and American cherry and walnut as well as less common and exotic varieties. And each species can be ordered unfinished or factory finished. Many varieties also feature additional hand or factory scraping and distressing.


Site-finished or Prefinished

Most businesses or public spaces choose prefinished wood because it’s faster. But the option exists for ProSand to custom stain and finish your floors onsite.

With unfinished wood, the ProSand team will sand the wood and apply your custom stain and finish onsite. This option gives you and your team the chance to match an existing stain, have unlimited stain and finish options and create a custom look. All site finished jobs come with a lifetime warranty on finish and installation.

Factory or prefinished wood is ready to install once it acclimates to your space, usually a 2-week process where the wood is stored in your space to adjust to the temperature and humidity.

This ensures that the majority of expansion and contraction happens before the floor is installed.

Prefinished floors require less time to install since they are already stained and finished and simply need to be cut and installed. Floors are ready to walk on immediately.

Board Widths

Wood planks come in a variety of widths, with the most popular ranging from 2 ¼-4” and others measuring up to 5-6” wide. Planks can also be mixed in different widths with the same stain and finish as a way to add visual interest and character.


Many people are familiar with polyurethane, a strong sealing topcoat for wood. ProSand uses a two-part finishing system that is actually 3-4 times harder than polyurethane and dries in a fraction of the time.

Our oil-based finish is rated for commercial use, the same quality finish that’s used in high-traffic sports facilities or museums. We also guarantee our finish for life.

Shine Levels

Like many design choices, shine levels are a matter of preference. Matte is the most natural, low luster finish, both rustic and refined. It holds up well to general traffic and is very forgiving of wear and tear. Satin is approximately 20% shinier than matte, still with a low luster shine. Similar style of matte as well as excellent at hiding wear and tear. Very popular and modern choice. Semi gloss is approximately 50% shinier than matte and is the most requested of all shine levels. Traditional, all-around finish that compliments shinier traditional and contemporary design. Gloss tends to be used in commercial settings for sports venues, museums, bars and restaurants because it accentuates color and detail and creates a focal point.

Your Schedule

When is the best time for us to work? Day or night, we will schedule around your needs to provide little or no downtime away from customers. Our 99% dust-free hardwood refinish, expert installers and quick-dry finishes mean less mess and disruption to your routine.


It’s important that your business run smoothly, with as few disruptions as possible. That’s why we use a team of fully licensed and bonded craftsmen who work efficiently and expertly for the finest results. We also have the expertise to design your flooring solution or follow an architect or designer’s plans to completion.

Maintenance Options

Because your flooring is an investment, we offer maintenance agreements to keep them looking their best over time. We can also set up a maintenance plan for your own custodial staff. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.
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