Indianapolis Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring For Your Indianapolis Kitchen

Beautify Your Kitchen With Luxury Vinyl Flooring!

Luxury vinyl kitchen flooring was built for the traffic, potential spills, more frequent cleaning and general daily wear and tear associated with kitchens.

And because it was first developed for commercial settings, it is more than overqualified for the everyday kitchen.

But let’s get something important out of the way.

Vinyl flooring earned a reputation as a low-budget flooring option and sometimes old habits die hard.

Many people picture it being rolled out in thin sheets, susceptible to scald marks, burns, dings and cuts from the occasional sharp object and plenty of black scuffmarks from our shoes.

You probably don’t think vinyl and think beautiful.

But you will when you see today’s luxury vinyl kitchen flooring and how it’s changed things.

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is much more than marketing hype. It is a virtually indestructible, waterproof resilient type of flooring that comes in planks and square tiles.

Perfect for the hardworking but stunning modern-day kitchen.


How It’s Made

Luxury vinyl first made an appearance in the commercial world, so it’s ultra durable construction comes from the four layers that are fused into one solid vinyl product: a vinyl backing, color layer, photographic film layer (where the texture and detail of natural materials is replicated) and a urethane or aluminum oxide top layer.

The Look & Feel

This is where luxury vinyl will surprise you, mimicking the rich look and feel of natural materials like wood and distressed wood, the tactile surfaces of stone and slate, even the look of woven textiles embedded in the vinyl.

All in exact detail. Many people can’t tell the difference between luxury vinyl and the material it was made to resemble.

And because vinyl has a resilient backing, it is often more comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time and is generally warmer underfoot than ceramic tile.

Also a real benefit in a room where we wash dishes, stand at the stove or counter and often start our day.


Luxury vinyl may just be the most durable flooring product available. Its planks and tiles are scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant, waterproof and even impervious to harsh chemicals and cleaners like bleach, scouring powder and petroleum-based products.

Paint can be gently wiped away, even if small flecks or brushstrokes have dried.

It’s also easy to keep your luxury vinyl looking like new with simple sweeping and damp mopping recommended for regular maintenance.

This is a product you may need to see to believe. We can bring samples to you or please make an appointment to come to a showroom near you.

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