Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors in Indianapolis

How much will it cost to refinish my hardwood floors?

Sometimes the floors you’ve always wanted lie just beneath the surface. We help Indianapolis-area homeowners restore and transform their solid hardwoods for a fraction of the cost of new hardwood, with special expertise in preserving historical integrity. The cost to refinish hardwood floors may not be as much as you think.

The Cost: Dustless Refinishing

Contrary to popular belief, unless you have broken, split or water damaged wood, the surface condition of your floors will not impact the price. The hardwood refinishing process is $3.50/sq foot for most floors.

This price includes our 99% dustless sanding with industrial-grade HEPA filters and vacuums to suction and remove dust as it is created. Our team also uses high-volume vacuum backpacks when doing fine finishing with small orbital sanders.

Before the staining process begins, our team does a thorough wipe down of counters, solid surface furniture and hard-to-reach spaces.


The Cost: Custom Stain & Finishes

Most stains run $.25/sq ft. Specialty stains requiring additional preparation or added steps (including ebony, white wash, pickling or opaque colored stains) run $1.00/sq ft. Every ProSand refinishing project includes custom stain at no additional charge. What does this mean exactly?

Before we begin your project, we will meet with you to review our stain chart with roughly 50 colors to choose from. The samples will show you how the stain looks on different wood species, but we think it’s important for you to see how the stain looks on your floors.

Most Indianapolis homeowners choose 3-4 stains for us to apply directly to the raw, freshly sanded wood. You can inspect your color(s) in the natural and ambient lighting of your home and we will mix a stain to your exact specifications. This is one of the distinct benefits of having onsite finishing as opposed to ordering factory-finished wood.

The last step is for us to use our two-part finish system with hardener. ProSand Flooring uses only the finest, commercial-grade finishes available, which means your home is treated with the same care and quality products as a professional sports facility or museum. Our oil-based finish contains a catalyst that makes it 3-4 times harder than polyurethane and dries in a fraction of the time. We can also use water-based or polyurethane finishes upon request.

Each stain and finish comes with your choice of shine, including natural matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

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