Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Learn Our Hardwood Refinishing Process

What Makes Our Process The Best For You?

Our refinishing teams are experts in hardwood restoration, refinish and repair. This is their craft and it shows in the historic homes of Meridian Kessler, Lafayette and Zionsville, eclectic Broad Ripple bungalows and refreshed kitchens and living areas in Carmel, Fishers and Noblesville.

And while quality is very important to you, every day spent away from home is a disruption to your life. It gets even trickier when you have children or pets.

Our craftsmen specialize in 99% dustless hardwood floor sanding and guarantee the finish for life, practices busy homeowners appreciate. And our two-part oil-based finishing system is 3-4 times harder than polyurethane, rated for commercial use and dries in a fraction of the time.

The Process

You will have a schedule before your project begins. Our install team takes this seriously and will work hard to stay true to that timeframe. Each project will include important 4 important steps:

  • Prep
    Every project begins with a thorough inspection to identify any potential water, fire or termite damage to the hardwood and/or subfloor. Our team can expertly handle replacements and custom match existing wood, stain and finishes.We approach every home and every project as professionals, ensuring we preserve, conserve and enhance historical authenticity, design and architectural integrity. We also regularly work with builders, designers, architects and other professionals.
  • 99% Dustless Sanding
    Our floor sanding equipment is fitted with industrial-grade HEPA filters and vacuums to suction and remove dust as it is created.

    This means virtually zero debris and breathable dust in your air and ventilation system.

    And before staining begins, we do a thorough walk-through and wipe-down of counters, solid surface furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Custom Staining
    Raw-sanded wood will give you the truest feel for what a stain looks like in your home. After sanding your floors, you can choose from our selection of 50 wood stain swatches or ask us to custom mix one for you.
  • Custom Finish
    Choose from matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes for topcoats. Generally the less sheen or shine, the less light they reflect and the less you’ll notice small scratches and regular wear.Our two-part oil-based finishing system creates a finish that is 3-4 times harder than polyurethane and is guaranteed for life.

Experienced Experts

ProSand professionals are some of the most skilled hardwood floor restoration and repair craftsmen in the state. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Indiana, the National Wood Flooring Association, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are members of the Zionsville and Indianapolis Chambers of Commerce.

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