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Affordable, Quality Laminate Flooring from ProSand

Laminate flooring emerged as a quality alternative to sheet vinyl floors, the hallmark bargain flooring option. And while vinyl was still stuck in the plastic-sheet stage, laminate planks or strips provided an affordable option that emulated high-end trends such as wood, pitted metal and natural stone.

A surprising benefit to many is that the core material in laminate is very eco-friendly, made from more than 70% recycled wood fibers, including pre-consumer wood waste. Laminate is created from an almost infinitely renewable resource and since laminate floors are floating floors, there are no noxious fumes from adhesive.

Plus, laminate floors are water resistant and very durable. And with their easy locking systems, if a plank does become damaged in some way, it is easily removed and replaced, another budget-friendly feature.


Price Ranges

Prices range from $1.69sq ft to $4.50sq ft or more, with ranges based on the width of the plank, the thickness of the laminate and the intricacies of the design. More natural looking surfaces require a greater number of decorative screens or surfaces. Generally, the higher priced laminate will be more durable and oftentimes come with a longer warranty.

Estimate Your Project

We will take detailed measurements of your area and provide you with a project quote based on the size of your space and the laminate product you choose. Our quote will also incorporate removal and disposal of your current flooring, prep work and installation. We also offer homeowners additional services based on their needs and how much—if any—work they want to do on their own. These services include expert furniture removal/replacement, air vent replacement (to match/coordinate with your new floors) and professional trim painting and staining.

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