Sanding and Buffing Hardwood Floors

Now You’re Ready For Sanding and Buffing

An Expert Sanding and Buffing Experience

After your hardwood floor is properly inspected and your space cleared and prepared, we will begin the sanding process. Every refinishing project we do is 99% dust free.

Traditional hardwood floor sanding raises a lot of dust and debris into the air. And no matter how diligent you are about covering remaining furniture, counters and shelving, it can take days to clean up. Dust clean up is a nuisance that can last longer than your actual project and could cause issues with allergies or breathing problems.

That’s why we invested in state-of-the-art dust-free equipment and training. Our floor sanding equipment is fitted with industrial-grade HEPA filters and vacuums to suction and remove dust as it is created. This means virtually zero debris and breathable dust in your air and ventilation system. Our professionals also wear HEPA filter, high-volume backpacks when working with small orbital sanders to focus on small areas and fine finishing. Our customers notice the difference during and after the project.

Before staining begins, we do a thorough walk-through and wipe-down of counters, solid surface furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

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