Stainmaster Carpet Prices

Prices for Stainmaster Carpet

With a great combination of quality and style, Stainmaster carpets are well worth the investment. Coming in a diverse selection of carpet choices at different price points, there are prices suitable for different budgets.

One of the biggest advantages Stainmaster provides is its lifetime warranty, which the company has an excellent reputation for standing behind. The warranty alone makes Stainmaster carpet prices budget-friendly.

How Much is Stainmaster Carpet?

While Stainmaster carpet prices will vary based on the type of carpet you select, the average carpet pricing ranges from $3.49 per square yard (on the low end) to $15.00 per square yard (on the high end).

As with all carpets, styles made with greater durability will generally cost more. Specialty colors are usually available at slightly higher prices.

Padding for Stainmaster Carpets

Remember to allow for additional costs associated with the purchasing any carpet, such as carpet padding, carpet installation and removal of old carpeting.

Padding alone can cause the overall cost of carpet installation to fluctuate greatly. Pricing for a basic padding will be much less than a thicker padding that provides more of a cushiony feel.

The padding for Stainmaster brand carpeting has a breathable protective moisture barrier that prevents stains from reaching the actual padding, thus prolonging the life of both the carpeting and pad. Padding containing an antimicrobial technology or odor reducers can be added at an additional cost.

Prices for Any Budget

Stainmaster carpet prices depend greatly on the geographical location of where the carpet is purchased. While some carpet styles fall into a higher price bracket than those of similar carpet brands, overall, the cost of Stainmaster carpet remains competitive with other brands.

For more information on Stainmaster carpet prices, or to obtain a Stainmaster carpet price list, contact ProSand today.

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