Stainmaster Carpet Reviews

Reviews of Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster carpeting has a proven track record of performing better against normal wear and tear and tough stains than other carpeting solutions. Many Stainmaster carpet reviews are positive due to the consistent high-performance of their products.

Stainmaster carpet reviews often rave about the softness, resistance to soil and stains, built-in static protection, as well as the lasting color and ease of cleaning.

Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet Reviews

TruSoft carpet is the softest Stainmaster carpet available, being manufactured from specially engineered fibers that maintain the durability promise of Stainmaster carpets.

Stainmaster TruSoft carpet reviews often praise the luxurious feel and durability of the carpets. With several colors to choose from, this is a great carpet choice, particularly if an ultra soft carpet is a top priority.

EverSoft Stainmaster Carpet Reviews

EverSoft has specially engineered fibers that provide lasting softness. The fibers are also made with a food and drink stain resistance technology, making these carpets easy to care for. Even more, the carpets have a soiling resistance technology that limits the ability of dry soil to stick to the carpet fibers.

EverSoft Stainmaster carpet reviews frequently tout the luxurious softness and low-maintenance requirements. Reviews also speak highly of its durability and stain resistant nature and list the wide selection of popular colors as an advantage.

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