Stainmaster Carpet Warranty

Warranty for Your Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster is one of the most recognized carpet brands, providing customers with products that promise comfort and dependability.

On top of the peace of mind that comes along with the brand itself, the Stainmaster warranty provides extra assurance to customers.

General Stainmaster Carpet Warranty Information

The Stainmaster carpet warranty is unique in that it offers a lifetime warranty on all food and beverage stains, pet accidents and soil stains. All Stainmaster carpeting also comes with anti-static capabilities, reducing the risk of static build up that typically comes with excessive traffic.

The “lifetime” Stainmaster carpet warranty coverage is for the life of the carpet, which begins on the purchase date. Certain lifetime limited warranties may be pro-rated.

There are also limited Stainmaster carpet warranties that cover:

  • Abrasive wear caused by fiber loss
  • Texture loss due to carpet tufts losing their twist

Stainmaster Carpet Warranty by Retailer

Limited lifetime warranties vary by retailer so, when purchasing Stainmaster carpet, check with your individual retailer to ensure which Stainmaster warranty applies to your purchase at that location.

Stainmaster carpet warranties may differ based on the purchase location:

  • Stainmaster Retailer Limited Warranty
  • Stainmaster Showcase Limited Warranty
  • Stainmaster Flooring Center Limited Warranty

Stainmaster carpets are durable and designed to look and feel good with minimum care requirements. A small amount of regular maintenance, including a professional steam cleaning at least once every 18 months, is all that’s required to maintain your warranty and keep your carpet looking new.

To discuss Stainmaster carpet warranty information, contact ProSand today.

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