Carpet Types

Types of Carpet

Learn More About The Different Textures Available

If you’ve ever shopped for carpet, you’ve likely found the process confusing. In addition to colors and patterns, there are multiple material types of carpet from which to choose. Before you begin the process of selecting carpet for your home, it can help to learn more about the different textures available.

Carpet Styles and Colors

In addition to being made from different materials, there are different carpet styles and colors. Carpet types include nylon, wool, acetate, olefin, and polyester.

Nylon is the most popular type of carpet, comprising about 65% of the carpets sold in America. Its durability makes it popular, allowing it to resist stains and provide many years of attractive use.

For a more green solution, however, polyester may be a better option, since it’s made from recycled products. However, its inability to remain standing after intense traffic takes it out of the running for most households.

Wool carpet is considered one of the more luxurious types of carpet, providing a comfort level that ranks it above other carpets among more discriminating customers. It can also be manufactured with fewer allergens than other types of carpet, as well as providing better insulation between floors.

However, while wool carpet styles feature outstanding stain resistance, the fabric tends to retain water. Over time, this means mildew could be a problem if wool carpet is exposed to too much moisture.

Carpet Types and Prices

Expense is an issue for many carpet shoppers. Wool is often out of the price range of many customers, leading them to bypass it altogether. Polyester is the most economical of all types of carpet, while also being easy to maintain and clean. For that reason, polyester often wins when customers are choosing carpet.

There are two ways to look at purchasing carpet. Because of the cost, some homeowners may choose more expensive types of carpet in less used rooms, such as dining areas and living rooms. But some homeowners may choose to put that more expensive carpet in the most used rooms, knowing its comfort and durability will provide many years of enjoyment.

Aesthetics are often a big part of a homeowner’s choice of types of carpet. Carpet styles and colors pay a big part in the choice, but it’s important that shoppers be fully aware of the durability of each carpet type before making a choice. A small extra expenditure at the beginning could save a homeowner by reducing the long-term cost of maintenance and replacement.

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