Sculptured Carpet

Sculptured Carpeting

Sculptured carpet is a beautiful option for homeowners

When you hear the term sculptured carpet, you may not be sure specifically what type of carpeting this means. The difference often has to be seen to be fully understood, but basically sculptured carpeting refers to carpet with both high and low pile areas. With sculptured carpet, a manufacturer incorporates both looped and cut-yarn fibers, giving it the appearance of having several layers.

Sculptured Carpet Styles

When a customer looks at a sculptured carpet design, what’s most noticeable is the patterns. A sculptured piece of carpeting will usually have short threads, surrounded by longer threads. The end result is a distinct pattern that is consistent throughout the entire carpet. Sculptured carpets have a subtle design that adds class to any room.

The best thing about sculptured carpeting is that a customer has a wide range of options, since the style lends itself to an unlimited number of patterns. When looking through a sculptured carpet gallery, a customer knows the carpet he chooses won’t be duplicated in other Indianapolis homes nearby, which appeals to homeowners who want to be unique.


Many of the designs featured in sculptured carpet do well at disguising foot patterns and vacuum marks. However, this largely depends on the design you choose. However, durability can be an issue, since even the smallest snag can disrupt the pattern. For that reason, sculptured carpet might not be the best choice for a room where small children will be playing or furniture will be regularly moved.

Sculptured carpet is a beautiful option for Indianapolis homeowners, providing interesting patterns that will make a living area stand out. However, its susceptibility to snags makes it a better choice for homes without children or areas of the home that are rarely accessed, such as dining rooms. The choice between an endless array of patterns makes sculptured carpeting a preferred choice for discriminating homeowners.

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