Textured Plush Carpet

Textured Plush Carpeting

Textured plush carpet is admired for its rich, luxurious feel

Textured plush carpet is admired for its rich, luxurious feel, making it popular in some of the most used rooms in a house. With regular plush, each fiber is cut evenly, making the carpet appear extremely thick and soft. It feels good to the touch, making Indianapolis homeowners eager to walk across it barefoot.

With textured plush carpeting, the threads have a slight twist to them, giving the carpet a slightly more casual look. This also adds durability that allows it to outlast extensive traffic, as well as disguising vacuum marks. This casual look combined with its durability makes textured plush carpet styles a top choice for heavily-used rooms like dens or children’s playrooms.

What Is Textured Plush Carpet?

Also called textured Saxony carpet, textured plush carpet is very similar to plush carpet, except that its design overcomes a problem often experienced with regular plush carpeting. The twist of the fibers prevents it from reflecting light in a way that makes plush carpet show footprints, vacuum tracks, and other marks.

One of the best things about textured plush carpet is that it easily withstands the test of time both in durability and style. The best textured plush carpet never goes out of style, providing many years of use. A family may change furniture and wall paint, but textured plush carpet blends with each trend in furnishings perfectly.

Classic Style of Textured Plush

Its lack of trendiness can be a problem for some homeowners, however. It can tend to provide more of a neutral look, which doesn’t stand out when compared with trendier carpet styles that might make a room really pop.

Many Indianapolis homeowners opt to place textured plush carpet in some rooms, reserving other rooms for other types of carpet. The neutral look can also work in a carpet’s favor, too, giving homeowners the opportunity to make bold fashion choices in other elements of a room without the added noise of a trendier carpet.

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