Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpeting

Frieze carpet has become popular because of its durability under excessive traffic

Over the years, Frieze carpet has become popular because of its durability under excessive traffic. It has a unique look when compared to other carpets due in large part to its twisted fibers that have a slight kink at the top, creating a surface that is highly textured to the touch. Because the fibers bend when pressure is exerted, the fibers can withstand a great deal of wear, offering many years of use.

What is Frieze Carpet?

The term “Frieze” comes from a Middle English term for a type of cloth. Made of wool, nylon, or olefin, Frieze carpeting not only resists crushing but it also holds up well against stains. Its design also allows it to hold up against snagging, which can be a problem with many other types of carpet.

Homeowners searching for elaborate patterns in their carpeting may find the options are limited with Frieze carpet. But there are a lot of styles available that aren’t displayed on carpet showroom floors. Customers truly interested in the carpet Frieze has to offer should do heavy research online before beginning a local search. This will ensure they’re truly informed about the different options available.

Avoiding Imitations

In recent years, customers have grown confused about the difference between trackless carpet and Frieze carpet. The differences can be subtle but the wear offered on a Frieze is better than what a customer will find with trackless options. With some carpet sales professionals selling trackless carpet as though it were Frieze, it can get even more confusing for Indianapolis homeowners.

To be sure they’re getting Freize carpets, customers should look for the label and ask questions. A true Frieze carpet can make a difference in the value of a home. An Indianapolis homeowner spends a great deal on flooring for their home, so it’s important that he knows exactly what he’s getting before they pays.

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