Saxony Carpet

Saxony Carpeting

Without realizing it, you probably have had Saxony carpet in at least one of the places you’ve lived over the years. The most common type of residential carpet, Saxony carpets are characterized by their short, distinct piles, each cut to the exact length of those that surround it.

So what is Saxony carpet? Saxony is actually the brand name used by a well-respected carpet manufacturer. Over the years, however, many other brands of carpet have been sold as Saxony carpet, making the buying process confusing for customers. True Saxony carpeting tends to sell for a higher price than similar carpet by other brands, since the name is associated with higher quality.

Benefits of Saxony Carpet

Although Saxony carpet can show seams, footprints, and vacuum marks, it also has the ability to disguise dirt. The carpet can also feel softer to the touch than other types of carpet known as durable and low maintenance. For families that prefer to walk barefoot or sit on the floor, this can give Saxony carpeting an edge over other types of carpet.

Saxony carpet prices can be a problem for homeowners in search of a bargain. While imitators may be cheaper, they’ll lack the quality Saxony’s own carpets have. To get the true durability offered by this type of carpet, homeowners must limit their search to the Saxony brand.

Stain Protection

One popular type of carpet is Noble Saxony carpet, which features stain protection. This protection makes it easy to clean up spills and tracked dirt, making it even more attractive to active families.

Saxony carpet is seen in numerous neighborhoods around the country. While this carpeting has a couple of drawbacks, its versatility and texture make it an enduring favorite. Before choosing Saxony, homeowners should compare it to other types of carpet and determine whether the extra price is worth it.

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