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Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Indianapolis

Wood has long been one of the most popular types of flooring, but it isn’t without its considerations. Solid wood can change as a result of environmental changes, expanding or splitting due to humidity or temperature shifts. Over time, experts have found ways to prevent such changes from happening, giving homeowners lasting durability in their choice of flooring.

Engineering a Solution

Engineered hardwood flooring is one way to enjoy wood as a flooring type without the associated challenges.

Engineered hardwood floors are made from 100 percent wood but they move away from the solid-wood construction that lead to potential issues. Multiple pieces of wood are glued together, creating a piece of wood that is stronger and more structurally sound.

If you’re considering engineered hardwood flooring, here are a few things you should know.


Once installed, engineered hardwood looks identical to solid hardwood, since the top layer will be the top-quality solid wood of the customer’s choosing.

Engineered hardwood flooring comes with a factory finish that gives it a beautiful look and protects against dirt and debris from foot traffic.

Beneath that beautiful veneer, however, are multiple layers of boards that strengthen and maintain the flooring over the months and years following their installation.


Whether you use engineered hardwood flooring depends largely on where it will be installed. If your flooring is over a concrete slab, engineered wood flooring installation will likely be the recommended option.

The moisture level in the room will also be a factor, with high-moisture rooms like bathrooms usually being off limits for any hardwood flooring options.


Hardwood floors in general are known for being very durable, often lasting for hundreds of years. However, even the best engineered hardwood flooring can suffer wear over time. All wood flooring needs to have the right finish for the type of wear it will endure, including foot traffic, spills, and pet accidents. Even if a homeowner feels confident these factors won’t be a major issue, the right finish can help with resale value.

Engineered hardwood flooring resolves a longstanding problem with wood as a flooring type. At ProSand Flooring we can recommend the right option for your own home or business, whether that option is engineered hardwood flooring or solid wood flooring installed to endure wear over time. Our extensive experience gives us an edge over other companies; we are experts and we’ll match you with the best type of wood flooring for your home.

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