Indianapolis Solid Hardwood Flooring

Best Solid Hardwood Flooring in Indianapolis

While there have been many affordable alternatives to this type of hardwood for homes, there are many people who still feel as though nothing compares to the real thing.

Made from real wood, solid hardwood flooring provides a classic, refined look to any home. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of wood types to achieve exactly the look they want.

This type of flooring has a number of advantages in addition to upping the resale value of a home, including the fact that hardwoods don’t easily accumulate dirt and they bring strength and durability to a home’s walking surfaces. Your Indianapolis home or business will look beautiful!

Wood Types

You may choose from several different wood types when you’re purchasing solid hardwood flooring. Oak is the most popular option and comes in varying degrees of quality and expense. While some oak flooring will have few blemishes or flaws, it can be extremely expensive when compared to other types of solid oak flooring. ProSand Flooring can recommend a grade of oak flooring that will work with your budget and lifestyle.

Wood Widths

One major consideration for homeowners when choosing solid wood flooring is the width of the boards. A classic strip wood floor will have boards measuring 2-1/4” wide and ¾” thick. There are varying board widths and thicknesses, but this measurement is most common in hardwood floors.


One common issue for hardwood floor owners is the wood can be extremely moisture sensitive. Over time, humidity and moisture can cause wood floors to shift, creating cracks that take away from the floor’s attractiveness and usability. Because of this, we often recommend an installation process that helps prevents moisture, especially if the floor will be installed in an area of your home that is prone to water. And with so many of today’s homes being built on concrete slabs, it is especially important to protect against these issues when installing hardwood flooring.

ProSand Flooring can help you choose the perfect floor type to meet your needs. Whether you choose solid oak wood flooring or one of the many other wood flooring options, we’ll recommend the best wood, finish, and installation type for your home. Contact us today for more information.

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