Aladdin Carpet for Indianapolis

Aladdin Carpet: Great for Your Budget

Indianapolis Residential Carpet

Aladdin carpet is a price friendly product. This line of sturdy fiber floor covering is great for apartments and first time homes, at a price point 30 to 40 percent lower than the next higher Mohawk carpet line. And with most people living in a first home for an average of seven years, Aladdin’s 10 year warranty has you covered in more ways than one.

Modular Carpet for Commercial Use

The Aladdin commercial line was the first to come out with the modular carpet squares, in sizes ranging from 16 x 16, to 20 x 20, to 24 x 24, making it easy to customize according to the size of your space.

The rubber back of the carpet is attached to the floor using pressure sensitive glue. Repairing damaged sections is easy with a commercial heat gun which heats and lifts the individual square for easy lift out and replacement.

Multiple Uses

Modular commercial carpet squares have great residential applications as well. It’s a great choice for basements and recreational areas where there’s a lot of high traffic. A variety of styles, colors, and square sizes make it an easily customizable floor covering. The rubberized backing also makes it a good choice for weights and workout rooms.

A Low Maintenance Choice

Aladdin carpet’s nylon fibers and tight weave make it stain repellant and easy to maintain, easy to clean.

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