Indianapolis Mohawk Berber Carpet

Three Levels of Berber

A trendy newcomer with a sturdy reputation

Berber carpet has come a long way since it first became popular in the 1970s when its coarse nylon looping and speckled beige coloring made it a trendy newcomer with a sturdy reputation.


With traditional Berber, the coarse loop and rough texture made it a practical first choice for numerous residential and commercial floors. Its popularity waned in the “upstairs” areas as other styles became more widely used, but it is still a good choice for basement levels and rec rooms.

Mohawk developed its Berber lines in the following decades. Now there are better, softer Berbers you may choose for areas of your home that have high traffic and require easy maintenance.


Mohawk’s Horizon line of Berber carpeting is made with a nylon and polyester mix. This carpet is much softer and thicker and the warranty is longer – 20 years.


There is also Mohawk’s top silk line Berber, a soft iteration of the sturdy classic for high traffic areas. This Berber gives you the look of sisal sea grass but in a synthetic fiber that is easy to maintain and hides wear well. It is so soft, in fact, you can slide across this carpet on your knees and not get a rug burn.

New Styles and Colors

Now there are a variety of materials, colors, and patterns in the Berbers that suit any price point. The tight looping is still there, but today patterns which alternate loops and cut pile create an impressive variety of organic and geometric options for your carpeted room.

Suitable For Any Budget

Mohaw’s basic Berber carpet is extremely affordable at a very low price per square yard. The mid-level Mohawk Horizon line runs approximately three times higher, and the top silk line Berber carpet runs approximately four times higher, due to the materials in the fibers.

There are specific applications and places where each level of Berber quality may be appropriate – call the expert carpet professionals at ProSand today for a free consultation.

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