Mohawk Carpet Samples

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Mohawk carpets come in a wide range of colors

Mohawk offers thousands of beautifully crafted carpet colors and styles. But it can be difficult to select the most appropriate choice solely by viewing carpets in the store environment.

Using Samples

When selecting carpet colors, it’s always best to obtain samples and study them at home for a few days in the area where the carpet is to be installed. Viewing colors in the intended room under actual lighting conditions, for both daytime and evening, will help determine the best options.

Also keep in mind that the color of a room-size carpet will be more intense than that of a small sample. Mohawk carpet samples are available by request.

Online Tools for Carpet Selection

In addition to physical samples available at select stores, Mohawk has digital tools available that reduce the need for physical samples. There are online product galleries and room visualizers, both of which enable customers to better narrow down their product selections without needing an actual carpet sample.

These online tools can be a great first step in helping customers to envision how different products will look in a given area. Once narrowing down carpet choices this way, customers can take home physical samples of their top choices, reducing the overall amount of physical samples needed.

Mohawk carpets come in a wide range of colors, from neutral options to bold and bright ones. For more information about Mohawk carpets, and to view Mohawk carpet samples, contact ProSand today for a free consultation.

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