Mohawk Silk Carpet

Carpet That Is Luxuriously Soft

Made with three times the fiber of ordinary soft nylon

Made with three times the fiber of ordinary soft nylon (each yarn contains more than 700 “silk-like” fibers), Mohawk SmartStrand Silk will add luxury and comfort to your home.

Many carpets have soil and stain resistant chemicals applied topically, resulting in a coarse and rough feel on the fibers. Mohawk SmartStrand Silk has built-in stain protection, allowing the carpet to retain the soft and extraordinarily comfortable feel that makes it so welcoming.

Cleans Easily

In addition to its luxurious softness, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk cleans easily, making it a great option for those with an active lifestyle.

Since the stain resistance is built-in, rather than being topically applied, it’s permanent, never washing or wearing off. This makes cleaning quick and simple – water and mild detergent are all it takes to keep this carpet clean.

Certainly convenient for those who have to frequently clean messes created by children and pets – or other not so neat members of the household.

Environmentally Friendly

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk fibers are made in part from corn sugar, a renewable resource, while many carpets are made with petroleum based ingredients. The production of this carpet also uses less energy than other carpets containing an equal amount of nylon.

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk provides the perfect combination of style and performance, while being environmentally friendly, making it a great choice for many modern families.

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk comes in a wide range of color options. For more information about this luxurious carpet line, contact ProSand today for a free consultation.

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