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Mohawk carpets are available in thousands of colors

Mohawk carpets are available in thousands of colors, including some of the most beautiful color choices around. With that many options, there’s sure to be a perfect color to complement the design scheme in any home.

Mohawk ColorCenter Stores

There are ColorCenter stores, which carry the best selection of the carpet colors manufactured by Mohawk. Visiting a ColorCenter store makes carpet shopping convenient, with access to quality service and a superior product selection all in one place.

There are two different categories of Mohawk ColorCenter Stores, both of which can handle special orders and custom requests.

  • ColorCenter Elite Stores offer premier and comprehensive selections of Mohawk flooring options in carpet, as well as other types of flooring.
  • ColorCenter Select Stores provide a wide range of Mohawk’s flooring products, including availability of the most popular ones.

Color Selection

Carpet color can help create the atmosphere of a room. Dark, rich colors, such as Mohawk’s Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Blossom, create a warm and cozy feel, as they tend to make a room appear smaller. Lighter shades, like Mohawk’s Wishful Dream, usually have the opposite effect by making a room appear more spacious.

Whatever the desired look and feel for a room, Mohawk is sure to have a carpet color that can help bring it together. And if the exact shade isn’t found, custom colors are available.

Mohawk carpets come in a vast amount of colors, from neutral options to bold and bright ones. For more information about Mohawk carpet colors, contact ProSand (a Mohawk ColorCenter Elite Store) for a free consultation.

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